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Mission Statement:

Taking care of our Elder’s as they Age in place, in their home, creating a vibrant and loving environment in which they can thrive. Building a collaborative and resilient circle of caring.

About Uncompahgre Valley Home Care

Our goal is to help families keep their loved ones at home to age in place.

Cyndi is a Licensed Nurse who has been working in Field of Geriatrics for 31 years. She is a Dementia Care Specialist, Infection Preventionist, Eden Certified Associate. 

Her Husband Steve Vocke works at Hellman Motors,and has supported his wife's dream of taking Nursing out of the institution and bringing Skilled and Non Skilled services to your home.

This was how Cyndi envisioned Uncompahgre Valley Home Care helping our communities and our Elder’s who built this land into what it is today.

Uncompahre Valley Home Care - Cyndi and Steve
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